Wonderling Mage

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Jason Vance

Out of the cold recesses of the darkness, you see a figure outlined in light gaining slowly upon your location.  When he steps out of the darkness, you see his face, cold, dark, his hair hanging down upon him.  His face is hard, yet something deep within it says it is gentle.  He raises his head to look at you, and all you see are two dark pools of blackness for eyes.  As he raises his hand, you can see the elemental magicks at work, surging through his body, making his veins course with arcane wisdom.  His hand stops, towering over his head, and then you see it.  A ball of pure energy, floating only inches below his hand.  He just stares on at you.Then a flash blares through your mind."When you die, know that this ALL is YOUR fault." is all the can be heard before he hurls the ball of energy at you...::Comment by the Artist::I really really really really really really really really really really really really liked this picture when i drew it.  I mean, at first the idea came to me in a daydream.  The mage was supposed to be a lot older looking, and the angle was supposed to be different.  he wasn't supposed to channel the magic through a staff.  But that's how it worked out.  Oh well, i like it anyway.  The hand that is raised was really what i was getting at.  i was wanting to do a piece that wasn't REALLY something i had done before.  I had changed the style, and voila!  There you have it.  The new perspective on the raised hand.  The hand on the staff was something of a step forward as well.  It's well defined and downright nice.  So all in all, i like this picture a lot.Oh yeah, and the muscle structure is something i liked too.  I just sketched it out, and first try i got it down right!  Yay lady luck!!The folds on the upper torso are also something of an achievement for me.

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