Jeff Wold

Hey all you americans! its about time i got around to changing this.  So here we go! My name is Jeff Wold. I am almost 16. Im a Christian, and for those of you who dont know... JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!! *Appluad!* anyway, i live in oconto falls WI. i am in a relationship with the most beutiful person in the world. Hi Sarah. yeah, shes an angel. My favorite thing on earth is music. P.O.D., Avenged Sevenfold, and Six Feet Deep RULE! so yeah. i hope to get a good career with my band. if there is anyone out there looking for a friend, im the guy you want to see. Dont really know what else to say, exept check out my stuff and leave a comment or two before you leave. Thanks for stopping. my girlfriend is 2 weeks and 2 days older than  i am. God Bless.     (p.s this is sarah now and ur full of crazy ideas im not pretty!)

Seeker Trials Traveling Companions Part 2

Seeker is going to set out on his first big quest. He sets off into the woods, and finds some good company!

Seeker Trials Part 2 To find a Dwarf Part 1

Seeker is surprised to be called to the palace by the king. and even more surprised to see an imposter in his place. the only way he can prove that his is the real Seeker is to find a dwarf for the king.

Days of Scorn Part Two The trials of a Man

Rekees finds himself in a strange dream of a land once called Earth. Is this just a dream, or a prophecy of what is to come.

A Song To Die For

This is my first attempt at a horrorish story. go ahead and critisize.

Seeker Trials Part 1 Seeker's Sword

Seeker was simply enjoying his day of studies and life. when he goes into the woods to visit his cousin, he does not know that it will change his life forever.

Seeker Trials Stuggle For Freedom Part 3

Seeker and his companions have nearly reached the edge of the woods. but when they reach a river, problems come flowing their way.

As a Happy Man Should

The birth of a child is nothing new to the future of our world. But there is somthing different about Rekees, starting with his snow white hair. the begining of a new series spinning off from the Seeker Trials.

My Eternity

This poem is dedicated to Sarah, who holds my heart in her hand. May she rest well knowing that I shall never hurt her. I love you Sarah.

Days of Scorn part 3 The Work of a New Man

Rekees wakes up to find himself alone in his home. As he progresses on to become a man, he finds some new changes in life. But soon, he find the trials of his life are just begining.

Seeker Trials The River Trials Part Four

Seeker is desperate to save his missing companion, and he will even face the overwhelming army of Goblins to do it.