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And here it is, the bio for Ekiko as told by judgmentcain (go check out his stuff, he's a very talented writer~ ) so yes, I decided to collab with JC cause I myself have no talent as a writer xD so enjoy! - Bio - The Master of Kairos, the goddess Ekiko is known to be more ancient than most of the living gods, her story trailing back beyond even her own memory. She wasn't always a deity. On the contrary, once she was human, yet she has long lost any recollection of her past life, remembering only one word that seems to grasp her heart in a cold, depressing and yet warm and soothing grasp. 'Senshou'... Every time she thinks of it, a tidal wave of emotion washes over her, against which even she can't stand unfazed. She does not know, whose name it is, whether it is hers, that of her past family, perhaps a beloved one... but it is the only shred of personality, humane essence she has left, so she clings to it, the word seemingly forever etched into her mind. The first thing she can remember, however, is the darkness, coldness and emptiness of a lonesome spirit. It seems there had been much tragedy in her life, which is why her soul could not find eternal peace in death, instead remaining to walk the earth endlessly. She forgot what it was like to be human, forgot herself, forgot the warmth of the living world, remembering that single word, which seemed like an unbreakable chain that kept her from forgetting everything and disappearing. The lone soul followed humanity for more time than can be accounted for, seeing the end of the world and its rebirth so many times, it had become the only means of keeping track on the passage of time that was long enough. However, her suffering didn't go unnoticed. After the grand battle over the soul of a certain Grigori, there were innumerable losses amongst both the Fallen and the gods. After the war, there was much to recover and there were many changes, as new deities emerged and conflicts among the gods themselves erupted. Amidst the chaos, the living experienced an unseen time of turmoil, conflict and death. The situation became so dire that Death herself summoned a large number of new souls to assist trafficking the constant flow of spirits into the realm of the dead. Finally, the desperate soul had been seen and there was meaning to its existence, even if it was guiding people for the last twenty four hours of their life, preparing them for the release of their souls from their bodies subconsciously. It is Death that gave Ekiko her name. For a long, long time she was the assistant of Death, and the fighting among the deities continued. Then something happened. Destiny does not know what it was, nor can anyone explain it, but she suddenly began showing strange abilities. It began subtly, so that she didn't realize the changes herself. Small items she 'touched' during her following of a person sometimes turned into something completely else. By the time she realized what was going on, her powers had grown considerably, yet she kept it a secret. Such an ability... to change the fate of things... it wasn't exactly something to brag about when you yourself understood very little about it. Yet a flame had been lit, and it grew with time, within her, trying to break out of the darkness encompassing it, trying to shine. Time passed and Ekiko's power grew even more. She could barely contain it and others began taking note. The conflicting sides, the peace-loving gods, their rebellious brothers and the rapidly recovering forces of evil, all wanted her power for themselves, but it seemed Fate had something else in mind. At the very same moment that all hands were reaching for her, everyone's voices calling her name, desiring to tame and abuse the very same flame inside her, everything crumbled. As she opened her eyes, the goddess saw her new attire and felt the fabric brush against her skin. She... had a body. Ekiko was her name, and in her palms burned the flame that had finally broken through. Now she watches, ever vigilant and careful, wary not to influence the world beyond what is necessary for survival. Fulfilling her duty, yet sometimes her thoughts trailing off the fate of the world and to her own destiny, thinking, wondering what would her life be like, if her fate was suddenly changed... ---------------------------------------------------- Kairos: Kairos is the most mysterious of all the Elements, and therefor needs further explanation. Kairos is the sister element to Chronos. The Chronos Element is 'real time'. Meaning, they deal with clocks and all of that. Their specific powers are to travel through time, and freeze. A Kairos Elementalist manipulates time in different ways. Picture a chair. Now picture a Kairos Elementalist changing the chair's time line so that it simply becomes a table. Getting the idea of their power? Kairos Elementalists are usually cool and serene, and have a strong air of mystery around them. They have no specific colors associated with them. A strong Kairos elementalist can erase a person's time line, so they are usually very, very feared. that's the description as.. er described by ~ anyways, this is my interpretation of a kairos elementalist, or goddess? lots of stuff that I wanna mention about it including a name and background about the character, but just no energy right now -.- i'll probably write it up when I wake up~ but something to mention quickly about the design.. didn't add a weapon cause.. well, why need a weapon when you can tap a object/person's timeline >.> just didn't seem practical... but yea good excuse to make a cool dress~ and I used a different color scheme! ..... and about the background.. well there tech. there is no background, but I had a good idea for one! just laziness kicked in and it all fell apart -.- ah and before I forget... version before I added all the crap..... and 1st version of the design and yea, I think that covers everything for now.. oh and i'll send a link for the contest later when i'm awake -.- p.s. I'm not sure how bad my typing is right now >.> so forgive me if somethings just seem to run on xD

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