Jenna Linn Barton

Hey, everyone--I'm popping in to say that I no longer host my artwork on Elfwood. I'm sorry if this is a disappointment! However, I do now have a Deviantart gallery, which I would be honored if you'd visit. The link for that is: I wish you all the best! Old bio:Hello, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Jenna Barton—for years I’ve also had the moniker ‘Kai’, and because I can’t shake it, that’s become another popular name for me. I am an artist, a novelist, an American, and a girl.Concerning the situation: I am seventeen, though most of the work in this gallery was done from ages 14-16. I’m not on Elfwood a lot, but I get comments sent to me via email, so I read every single one. I try to reply to as many as I can, but I’m a very busy and ill-prone child (obsessed with skiing during this time of the year as well, which occupies a great deal of time), so gallery-checks and updates may be sporadic and far-between. Any requests or responses that you need in a timely fashion should be directed to my art email, which is mentioned below. :) I thank you kindly for your patience with me...I can be a problem child.Concerning my...self: I’m a bit laid back—okay, so I’m WAY laid back. I don’t take myself or my art very seriously, usually. It’s no fun when people are dead-pan about art—let’s all learn to laugh at ourselves a little, neh? Life is hilarious, but tough, and if you’re ever going to get through it, drop the ego and LAUGH. I like to connect with people, and even though I may seem a little curt and sarcastic at times, I’m actually very kind, so don’t be afraid to comment or drop me a line.Concerning my copyright policy: This art is free for any non-profit use—all of it—unless otherwise noted. Considering this is my fanart gallery, I would dearly love to be credited and have my permission asked before any of the art is used, if you'd all be so cool.  If you want any full size versions, lineart/coloring pages, or special permission to use something, please just email me (kaikisuka (at) and we’ll sort it out lickety split. This applies to my fantasy gallery as well--please look for a link to the right, and go visit!(A quick note—I AM a purist. Fullmetal Alchemist is about the only anime I care for, so this gallery is ridiculously full of it. That can get annoying really fast, so please step over to my other gallery for a breather if it becomes too much.)Now, onward to the art!! Be sure to click and view them in full size—it’s much nicer that way!Enjoy the pictures, let me know which ones you like, and have a grand day. :)-Jen P.S. Want to hear my astute (oh very!) daily thoughts and see what the heck I'm up to at any given time?!  OF COURSE YOU DO!! For great justice, follow me on Twitter here:

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