Kate Conrick

I'm a young graphic designer living currently in Canberra, Australia (although I hope to escape soon!) This doesn't leave me as much time for general art as I had when I was younger, so updates on this page will be slow, with a lot of time in between. I tend to use Elftown much more than this site, and although I'm no longer quite so active as I previously was, I'm pretty easy to find. The Elftown Herald was my baby for a good long while so check it out please! All credit on the current issue goes to Mordigen and the other lovely Heralders still working on it :D Serious comments about my art are recieved thankfully, however negative. Comments about me, my personality etc are recieved with a raised eyebrow and I'll pass along your gallery details to people who like returning those sorts of comments ^_^ capisce? xxx   Favourite movies Firefly (!), Stargate SG1, Roswell