Tanya Kaio

Ello! i am 14 years old and obbssed with writing! i mostly do fanfiction (which will not be posted here, dont worry) but i have started writing my own creations as i have gotten better!

Elwen and a Gypsy Girl

Elwen, a rude inconsiderite elf agrees to help out a girl gypsy slave. As they travel on Elwen insults and looks for way to hurt the girl emotionaly, yet more then once she proves she WILL protect the girl, and Miya (the gypsy girl) realizes theres more to Elwen then meets the eye...and there is something about her..something about her past

A demon, a thief and a misunderstood

Three compaions travel together (not all willingly) they all have thier one stories and each is very different. One is always happy even though she dosn't seem to have any reason to be. one is a thief who had to become one when she was young to survive and the last is a elf who seems so mean and uncaring..but what really happend to her?