Kassy Skoretz

UPDATE:  first one in ages it seems.  Correction 1: I'm now legal.  I still enjoy writing, drawing, singing, baking, and running errands for my kitty cat overlord.  But now I'm at college.  This helps, but it also puts a little bitty crimp in my style.  So there are just a few new pictures instead of tons.  This gallery is  still a growth project for my art which on the most basic level translates to: CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE. or simply comment lol. It is much much muchly appreciated. Thanks. I have several characters that will pop in from time to time, they'll be explained in the descriptions. Please be nice to them, some of them bite and others will be very hurt *nodnod*. Lol, anyway, thanks for coming and looking around! BTW: I do consider requests ^^