Jessica Batiste

Hello!^^ My name is Jessica but i prefer Kaisheera, which is just a lil sumtin i made up. It means Seasong though, which is my common rp character name. I rp all the time, i'm not much of a chatter, but i love to draw and write(obviosly) anyways phoo, please make comments i'm so depreived! *snorts* and um...yes...I know my writing isn't that creative either! So moo on you. Yes i mean moo.

Mirror Ch3

Ladee da..please tell me if this is starting to suck. or if i'm slacking in like...vocabulary

Third War

it's part of rp, like a one of those thingy's hehe i don't remeber my brain is having a spasm

Mirror CH2

ch 2 wee*flies*

Mirror's Prolouge

Yee i have everything all nice and neet now.

mirror ch1