Edit 1/1/08: Wow! Been a really long time since I posted new stuff! I shall have to get on that!Let's see... well, I joined Elfwood because I would like feedback on my artwork. I want to know what you think, so please don't be scant with the comments, crit, and any questions! =] The only way I'll improve is if I find out what I'm doing right, and can change what I'm doing wrong! I started drawing... oh, when I could pick up a pencil, and have been teaching myself Photoshop for the last couple years. A somewhat tricky program at first, but so very worth learning about. Animals used to be my speciality, but I have been drawing characters from my writing and RP's for the past couple years or so. (And wow have I improved!) I'm trying to improve on faces, poses, and backgrounds in particular at the moment. Materials: Photoshop CS2 Tablet Printer Paper Prismacolor Pencils Ink Links: My DeviantART Gallery, for those that would like to see a wider range of my works, or would like to easily keep track of me... Well, check out my gallery!  Comments and helpful critiquement always welcome! Thanks!I'm looking into commissioned works right now, so if you're interested in having me draw something for you, please contact me. =]