Kristin Lian

To you who don't know me, I'm Kristin. Kristin from Norway. There’re many things I like and there’re many things I loathe. But nothing you’d find interesting. I'm currently 16, but most of my art here is from 2005 and 2006, so I apologise for the poor, poor quality of it Something you want to tell me?  Drop me a line at my e-mail : you'll most likely get an answer back. And If I’m in the mood and have time for it, I might even be up to a little art-trade with you, but only if I’m not too swamped. I love doing trades, but I rarely have time between school (OMFG EXAMS!) and commissions and just RL in general. Sometimes I also like to chat and I’ll gladly add you to MSN if you give me your address * If you want to use my pictures on forums or as icons please credit me! You don't really need to tell me, just remember to leave artwork (c) Kristin Lian Aa or Kalamu on it, if you want to use it on Livejournal please credit Kalamburd * For the Guided Tours, that’s so alright, you don't need to ask at all.   * I don't really care about flaming. And I won't delete eventual flames or spam. I’ll just leave them there so everybody can see what an anonymous pussy you are, so bring it on!      If you like my stuff here you might want to check out my Deviantart ( gallery, where art gets uploaded faster and I occasionally post scraps, doodles and sketches. But I’m more frequently on Livejournal (, ‘cus I love to blog and my posts often contain art, so I’d prefer if you added me there instead