The lovers come together

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Catherine Kale

Just about to elf maiden and a human. I like this one, even though it's really simple. I just started to draw, and this is what came out, originally, I think I was thinking of that optical illusion where it looks like a candle stick or two faces, doesn't really work if you want one to be a boy and one to be a girl...

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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Watching you while you sleep...

Have you ever opened your eyes and found a beautiful elf lying there next to you... no? Well, me neither, but we can all dream...

Letter of Love

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone you love them, otherwise you might loose the chance altogether...

When Fire and Ice Fell in Love

This is the third time I've tried to upload this, each time I've had problems with bad language. I think I've got it sorted now, but if not, I'm gonna give up. Personally, I like this one. I wrote it (excluding changes by order of mods) in one evening, and it's my first long(ish) thingy! This is probably as long as my stuff will get.Enjoy! P.S There are a few places in this where for some reason my computer (or Elfwood, I don't know which) decided that they didn't like the spacing of the story and decided to move things about a bit. I've tried correcting, but it doesn't seem to work. I've read the story through, and everything seems to be in the right place, so I'm not going to worry about it.

Man and beast

I seem to have a knack at entering poems without having expressly made reference to fantasy. Surprise surprise I did it again. Basically the story goes that this is a last man standing at the end of a great battle. Everyone has died except this one man, whos best friend still lies in the jaws of this beast, but you know what, he's ok with long as the beast dies.

Goose bumps come easier in the dark

Once again, this poem was inspired by another… When re-reading this through, I always kinda imagined it being read with a german accent, so if you want to get the full effect, that is what you must do.It would be really interesting, if someone wanted to draw the Booger man, so if anyone wants to do that, let me know, and we could sort something out :)

Untitled 1

This is an old one I wrote, ages ago. Please comment, I'd love to know what other people think...

Your shadow is your best friend

Just an idea that came to me one day, not my best.... And yes, I realise that the last line is not centred, I've tried, but it wont seem to stay in the middle! damnit!

Take me with you

I seem to be writing a lot of this sort of thing recently. There are a few bits in this I'm not entirely happy with, but I'll upload it anyway, and see what people think. If I get a good response I wont bother changing it. Mods choice on the 24th of September My first mod's choice, and I'm over the moon! Yey! *does stupid 'I'm so happy' dance*

Never wish to see an Elf

When something as beautiful as an Elf exists, there is always going to be danger. Please, read this before you consider looking for one, you might just change your mind. Ok, so I know that this one doesn't always flow, and there are a few lines in there that might only be there because they rhyme...Please bare in mind I was ill when I wrote this! Comments are always welcome, and if you like this one, please feel free to wonder over to my other stuff, and comments on those as well :)

A Ghost Forgotten

A short poemPeople think that once you die, that's it...well it's just not true, you can die twice, for if a ghost isn't rememebered, he is lost forever. That's why they try so hard to scare you!

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