Roxi McDermott

I am a dreamer and slightly soppy romantic. I also like to think of myself as brave, noble and a loyal friend. I try to be kind to all around me (even I have my bad days, though) and tend to always be smiling and positive. If I'm not, something is very WRONG. I have many passions including: reading, writing, art(of course), music, God and martial arts. I also love anime and enjoy pool, role-playing and many other things. I am a very open-minded, adventerous and ecclectic person. I can enjoy just about anything you can throw at me. The important thing is not what I do but who I am with. My friends and co-workers would tell you I am quirky, outgoing, somewhat shy with guys I like, animated and possibly a few fries short of a happy meal, depending on who you talk to. Anyway, enough babble. Please enjoy my art:)