Battle of the Kings

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Kat Claire

In the Battle of Koldresh, as the drakes pitted water and wind against fire, the famous deadly confrontation of Engel and Osprei occurred. This clash between the two dominant kings is a tale that is told even today among the drakes, how Engel and Osprei faced each other once again.King Osprei was a very changed drake from the feathered red one he used to be. His black scales rustled against each other as his two pairs of wings, with the bat ones being higher up than the feathered, beat up and down. He had a pair of red horns, hinting at his past life’s color, which curved downward. Ruby-colored spikes started at a nose horn, along with a huge horn in the middle of his forehead, and continued down his back. A mixture of copper and bronze armor, beginning with a powerful helmet, went on down his back and stomach as well. Red eyes glinted out of the helmet, staring malevolently at Engel.King Engel was almost a complete contrast of his opponent. His light gray, almost white, hide fitted his body perfectly. White wings with blue tips on every beautiful feather added to his majesty. Sapphire-colored horns gracefully curving upwards along with a small mane of blue and white feathers adorned his head. His troubled lavender eyes peered out from under the eye hole in his sparkling gold helmet. Golden armor extended down his back and onto his famous front arms, continuing down his chest and stomach. Feathery ears peeked out of two holes in his helmet. He was quite a site to behold.They flew around each other, warily, sizing up each other’s strengths. Finally, Osprei broke the tense silence flowing between them. “I see that you made it to kingship. Congratulations.” He said the words with as cold and sarcastic a voice as physically possible.Engel narrowed his eyes at the sarcasm. “As did you, my former kinsman. How many officials did you have to murder to get to where you are today?”Osprei snarled and lunged forward, his snapping jaws barely missing Engel’s left wing. They continued fighting and trying to tear at each other before eventually breaking for a moment’s rest.Panting, Osprei responded, his voice heavy with fury and sorrow, “Why did you poison Vampur? What possible reason did you and Covertius have? This war is completely your fault!”Engel’s eyes widened slightly at this unfounded accusation before replying, trying to keep his voice even: “I never thought that Vampur would even try to take the potion. I never wanted to poison him. The only possible way that this war is my fault is because I didn’t even guess that you could possibly be a ruthless spy! You were my friend! It is your fault that Vampur died and yours alone!”However, Osprei was so deep into madness that his mind refused to absorb the obvious truth. With a cry, the Demona king, along with two of his most trusted warriors, charged towards the brave Engel, opening their mouths wide. Out came three powerful blasts of yellow flame, with enough heat to burn metal. But what the three Fire Demona did not notice, and what would be Osprei’s downfall, was the magic Engel was preparing. While the two kings had been talking, Engel had been quite busy, generating the power of the wind. As they drew close, so close that Engel could already feel the hot, fiery breath coming from Osprei’s wickedly grinning mouth, Engel let out a roar and released the full power of the Feathera. Yeah, I wrote a story to go along with this picture. It's already 10 pgs long and I'm only about halfway done XD. But that's about a one page excerpt that has to do with this picture . It's all about these lizards called drakes (not dragons). They start out as just winged lizards, but because of Engel, gain legs. The bat-winged ones, the Demona, cannot take the potion without hideous effects (as the ex-king Vampur finds out to his loss), but the feathered-winged ones, the Feathera, can take it just fine.So Osprei, who was a feathered-drake and spied for the Demona, wants revenge for Vampur's sudden well...loss of limbs (that's the aftereffects XD) and begins a war. If I ever finish it, I'll post it . (And yes, Osprei has two pairs of wings, but you can't see the socond pair at this angel :3)Anyway, this picture nearly killed me. NEVER AGAIN will I draw such a detailed pictures using only markers and colored pencil -_-;;. I seriously almost threw this in the trash a few times xD;. The clouds look deformed, so ignore them . But the details in this...there are so many....and you can't even see most of them in this tiny scan XD;.My fav part of this pic is the evil King Osprei (the black wyvern on the left) and his guards (the other two, breathing fire), especially their scales . And yes, King Engel IS creating a glowing ball of wind didn't really show up well on the scan, but ah well.My first time to ever draw armour/metal (besides one gun a long time ago n_n). I had no clue what I was doing, but it doesn't show that much...right? Time spent....countless hours....maybe 10-15??Tools: makers, microns, and colored pencilsComments are TRULY appreciated... I spent so long on this and I'd LOVE to hear you guys' opinions n_n.Picture and the Drakes (names and ideas) are © to me

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