Andrea Lake

Im too lazy to write a new one of these since the crash! So blah! WooT! I was member of the day Feb. 19. 2003! hehehe i just think that was so cool :D My awesome friends: Elisa M. Mitchell : Likes elves and stuff Kendric 'Zarose' Barberis : Swords and warriors Talena 'Syren' Shields : She likes vampires and fairies.Other awesome artists: Ashleigh Ellis ~Lenalis : Beautiful dragons Ashley Tate : A style all her own, gothic and interesting. Dawn Hall : Draws faeries and elves and has the same last name as me! Eli Marie S. Landro : Very cute anime style and lots of color! Erin M. Schmidt : Wonderful animal crossbreeds! F鬩x Lavall饼/A> : Crisp and clear, lots of detail! Jamie Ludovise : Illustrates my favorite artist, Tamora Pierce. Jax Bourdeau : A cute guy who has his own style. Kristen L. Everett : More dragons and animals. Laura Pelick : Beautiful... so talented. Lauren A. Banks : Real looking animals and check out her wolves! Lindsay Woods, 'Ahvia' : Wonderful Lestat and Louis art. Samantha A. Wenitsky : Wonderful Hellhounds and other beasts. Sarah Todd : Tattoos and cool weapons. Theresa 'Snowy' Boyer : My idol, she draws wolves so beautifully. Timothy R. Wollweber : Very detailed charicter designs. Tracy J Butler : Cool foxes and detailed sceneary.