Hello, My name is Kamille Freske, and I was born on 11/16/89 and I am currently living in Pennsylvania going to school in Philadelphia at the Tyler School of Art.  My favorite artist is Yoshitaka Amano, and I am also inspired by Brian Froud, Waterhouse, Sheile, Klimt, and Arthur Rackham.  My passions are, drawing, painting, singing, and all things to do with fantasy and history.  Many of the are drawn from somewhere between 11 years old and currently.  I am 19! I joined elfwood when I was 14 I believe, but I havent been around for years.  Hopefully I can clean up this gallery and get some more new stuff up soon.  I hope you enjoy my work!Also, I am very open to commissions, email me at tua85787@temple.edu if you have anything in mind. If you want to see more visit my deviantart page http://dustfae.deviantart.com/  I have many many more paintings drawing and photgraphs there that do not fall into the "fantasy" category.