You step lightly through the winding forest as overhanging tree limbs lightly brush your faces and arms. Thin, well-tread undergrowth covers the worn trail, snaking around the sides of the road. Straight ahead, the path forks; surrounding one road is an aura of darkness, while the other is engulfed in bright, welcoming light. Which to take? Clearly, the dark evil path must be the correct choice. Let us continue that-a-way. You tread along the eeriely silent, dark path. Well, alright. So perhaps this was not the best choice. But, regretfully, you must continue on as the road will -never- let you go back. Continuing forwards, you soon stumble upon a clearing in the dense forest. In the center of this meadow stands a large, shining blue mirror-like object that mildly resembles a portal. Now, what is a portal doing in the middle of a dark and evil forest? Naturally, your curiosity overwhelms you and you decide to enter this strange and unknown portal. You seem to have come through the gate unharmed and in one piece; what a relief. As your head clears and you shake off your dizziness, a beautiful scene unfolds around you, stimulating your senses. Ancient trees with leaves of gold and bark of silver stand upon a lawn of lush, green grass. Nearby, water rushes in a tiny waterfall, forming a winding stream that leads somewhere...or nowhere. Where can you be? Obviously, this luxuriously beautiful place can only be...Aideen's realm in the forest of Elfwood! NOTE: My Elfwood site will no longer be updated. Please visit my deviantART site (Click "Own Gallery" at the right, or visit baileymcdoogle.deviantart.com) if you wish to see newer pieces. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and have a great day!