Kara squared* Kanto

hello there. yep yep. here's one of those great cookie-cutter bios: born: 1986 fav. anime: saiyuki, pretear, angle sanctuary, yu yu hakusho, princess mononoke, chobits, voices of a distant star, escaflowne, inu yasha, witch hunter robin bands: ataris, disturbed, the early november, further seems forever, thursday, sublime, greenday, the doors, the eagles, dave matthews band, brand new, sinatra, tesla (the list goes on for a long time so i'll stop now) hates: posers, teenie boppers, conformers, the general public (individuals are okay), propaganda, the news, stupid opinions, stupid people, this list goes on forever goals: i either want to be an animator or an illustrator(which my art teacher suggested) hmm...i play tennis a lot (every day right now) i swim. i draw. i sleep. sometimes... (coffee. you can sleep when you're dead.) i like to punch shawniffer. i dont shake it like a polaroid very well. i sing phantom of the opera at red lights to homies and old people. and scare them. muwhahaha. i might go to japan this summer as an exchange student!! (yay!!) i dont like lettuce. protein bars are good. 'When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in power, ponder.' -James H.Boren