Feel free to comment on pictures whether you like them or think I should eat my tools.I have nothing in common with professional art - I'm just a stubborn amateur who loves both - drawing and writing. Due to the fact I'm Polish and I write in my native language, I can share my graphic creations not stories. I'm RPG addicted for 10 years or more and I'm strongly convinced I will never stop exploring my inner worlds. After graduating from University (MA in literature) I've started working for Publishing HousesĀ  - nice but unpredictable job :)In this gallery you may find most of my RPG characters - RPG is still my biggest inspiration. Edit: Oh, I forgot:) I'm always depressed (God bless my doctor!) :] And I truly love my cat:) Edit: Thank you for all your comments, I did not expect it and I still hard to believe (for me) that someone likes my art. Thank's much, so very much!Edit: I'm unable to answer to all your comments, but I truly appreciate! Thanks much!Edit: My God, so many years have passed and it's a high time to clean up my gallery :) I'm sorry if I delete both an artwork and your comments but I need to make some free space for newer artworks. I like My inner worlds, literature, graphic and writing :) And my job. And belly dancing? Favourite movies "The Crow" - with Brandon Lee and Michael Wincott Favourite books Song of Fire and Ice :) Favourite music Metal, Gothic