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New desc for this picture. This is a picture of a Dracaidian. This particular one is Hireatsu; Dracaidian name is Kaoslacer. Dracaids are like large eagle-winged Velociraptors, but are covered in feathers that vary in colors and have narrow catlike ears. Hire is a goldish tan with three black stripes down the neck, and two more plus a band near the end of the tail and black tips on her wings. Their tailes are particulary long and is plumes in some form or another at the end. Older Dracaids can get to over seven feet tall, and the males and females are generally the same in size with no visual distinction between genders. There are two distinguishable types of Dracaidians--broadwings and slenderwings. As the name says, broadwings have large, broad wings that are very good for soaring and gliding, much like those of a vulture or other large bird of prey. Broadwings tend to be more powerfully built and heavier than their counterparts, and nearly all of the Dracaid warriors and half the hunters are broadwings. Slenderwings, also as the name implies, have more slimmer wings, effective for speedy flight and diving, like a falcon. Their bodies are lithe and light, and most slenderwings work with the agriculture, gathering of resources, and a few battle, and both types have the large saurian 'killing claws' on both feet. Dracaidians can give both live and shelled birth, and can go through a reptilian version of hibernation called 'torpor' if the need arises. Otherwise they live peacefully in small village groups in jungles, savannas, and sometimes in deserts. Their language, called 'Dracan', can sound more like jibberish than anything else, but sometimes the 'words' are clear past the twitters. Sometimes, a Dracaidian may even learn the Common language, which Hire does. Like the ancient Egyptians, they have many Gods that each represent a different aspects of life and death, which will be displayed here in due time. More info coming soon.

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