K. Fink

So, here's my gallery.  About me?  Well, I'm a college student who loves to draw.  I enjoy doing illustrations, so you'll find a few of those in my gallery, as well as quite a few original characters. Now, for a few comments on art in general and about my take on fantasy artwork. I have been told time and again by those professors of art that believe they know best, that fantasy art is not worthy of being art at all. Truly, I disagree with this sentiment, for I believe that art is any part of us that we take and find a way to express and share with the world. Theatre is this. Drawing is this. Painting is this. Writing is this. Music is this. I will admit, I associate myself more as a performing artist rather than an art- artist. But either way, is it not art? ;) Yet, here am am. I, personally do Fantasy art because I love the story within the picture. I draw fantasy art to tell the stories within my mind. I feel that fantasy is for people who need an escape from reality because reality becomes so very narrow minded, so pounding and incessant, so overwhelming at times. There comes a time when everyone needs and escape. Us? We do it with our art. Perhaps we do it to take a step back and take a gander at yourself and your life from a new perspective. Anyhow.... Smile and have a great day!!