LAST UPDATED: 15 November, 2011 As of 12th October this year, I've been here 10 years! Time flies...-------------------- I'm a 26 year old (as of 24 April, anyhow) girl from North Carolina. I can't believe I've been on Elfwood for 10 years already! I joined this site shortly after turning 16.  I made so many good friends here, some are still my dearest friends to this day. I think it's lost a lot of the community feeling that it used to have, but nothing lasts forever, does it?Time flies....MY ARTUp until about....2003-ish, I used nothing but traditional media. When I moved, I lost the space I used to have to paint, and so I learned to use Open Canvas and Photoshop. I still like to use coloured pencils on occasion, but I rarely ever paint anymore. I kind of miss it.I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and yes, I know everyone says that, but it's true. I had been making my own comics since I was 4, which usually featured talking cats. I started drawing humans in middle school. In my first year of high school, I really got into anime and well....XD There you go. I'm not nearly into anime as much as I used to be. I still like it, but it's mostly old favourites and I don't really watch new ones. A lot of my more recent drawings are kind of departed from my old style, even though I still draw anime once in a while. Everybody changes, right?ART TRADES & COMMISSIONSArt trades are CLOSEDCommissions are OPEN.If you want to commission me, email me. Don't just comment here. Elfwood's comment emails are really sporadic and undependable. PLEASE NOTE. There was a point in time, years ago, when I argued with trolls. That time has passed. Rude comments  WILL NOT be answered. They will be swiftly deleted. Don't waste your time, because I don't care :)  Favourite movies Supernatural, Firefly, original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Trek Favourite music ROCK 'N ROLL, BABY..late 60's to early 90's!!! ....... also, gothic rock, post-punk, '77 punk, new wave, apocalyptic folk, early music, classical, opera, downtempo, metal, whatever.