I'm a human of the female gender, living on a small island in the high north - and in Neverwhere, of course. I call my better part Ellemerr (which means cat in my personal, elven language; Hejer)I play D&D and Guild Wars (name in game; Izeth Ellemerr ;-)), piano and dance ballet. I don't look at myself as a good drawer. Acceptable, not good, but I'm quite proud of it still, and hope you like it :-) I'm (almost) totally self-learned, and I draw only with normal pencil on normal paper... OK, I do some with aquarelle-paint, too, but I will not post anything... I need practise... :-P I have just about no idea of how to paint on a computer, or how to use the computers to make my stuff better after the scanner ruined it. But I try, and I'm willing to learn. ;-) I only draw for the fun of it. I often paint after reading a good book; a lot of my work is inspired. My goal for my drawing is... well, just to get better! I got quite many drawings in my head which I would love to draw, but it's not always that easy... I really want to paint my characters, but still I only got two/three, and they went... *bad*. Really bad. But well, anyway, here I am, I hope you like me (or my pics, at least ;-) ).  Leave me a comment! ^^  ~~~This is horribly outdated. But it's been there forever, and I'm sentimental and won't remove it. If anyone cares, I'm mostly dead, though my ghost might be seen wandering about now and then, leaving nonsensible comments in its wake. ~Ellemerr~~~ I'm dead. And so the wind is stilled and the waves lie silently upon the sand, for in this world, there is no pain. Death. We do not cry, for we have no body, nobody to suffer over. But in the mind, likewise, nothing stirrs. She does not care if her words are silent whispers, never to be seen by any caring eyes, everyone gone, gone, floating gently on coloured light, unsubstential--- Dead?In the far reaches of the universe, upon the farthest shore, a lone feline slumbers. What does she dream in this place where no sun shines? I wear the death-mask. Still, under layers of illusions and nightmares long-since lost, am I really as dead as I appear? Are you? I like Books, generally. And piano, dance, RP, Guild Wars, Battleon, and art of just about all kinds. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean and anything by the japanese studio Gihbli(Totoro as logo and Spirited Away as one of the most famous movies). I'd like to add that I can't stand the Harry Potter movies. Favourite books Abarat by Clive Barker, Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin, and anything by Thore Hansen. Adding on just about all fantasy books in the universe, included, but not limited to, works by Lene Kaaberbøl, Trudi Kanavan, Jonathan Straud, Garth Nix, Ingar Knudtsen, Terry Pratchett, and the never-to-be-forgotten Neil Gaiman. Favourite music Enya, Vangelis, Knutsen & Ludvigsen, Emilie Autumn, Kanon Wakeshima, and other randomness. Still Alive might be the ironical soundtrack running for this gallery.