Karen Clark

Hi everyone! Well, obviously you know my name, it's listed above...so I won't repeat it. Hmm... about myself... let's see, well for the first thing, I don't take art classes anymore, I did in grade 11 and that's the farthest I've gone. I've never had a really good art teacher who actually taught me anything... so my work isn't as good as what it could be (although I really can't blame my teachers for my lack of skill... after all, practicing drawing is important too, and I haven't really done that). I'm also kinda lazy and don't bother to practice much, to me art is just something I do when I feel artistic, or bored and is just kinda like a hobby for me. I'm not claiming to be a professional, and I know I have no real talent for drawing, I just like doing, but hey, I don't need to make a living off of it so it's ok. I'm currently finishing first year university, and I'm majoring in biology. I have a bunch of much older drawings on here, and some newer ones, you'll probably be able to tell which are which. My birthday is March 31st, 1985 so basically just do the math to figure out how old I am, at the moment I'm 19 (and I can finaly drink! lol!) but since I rarely update, in two years from now, my bio may still say I'm 19 when I'd be 21 at the time ~shrugs~ oh well. Oh and by the way, I AM CANADIAN!!! :D