Nefaswrythen's Lair

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Carly Sheil

Nefaswrythen was one of a council of Elder Wyrms in Auriltris. Growing tired of leading only as a member of a group, he and a fellow Elder Wyrm, the sexless Hath’Wrysyn, plotted to build their own society of Wyrmwreyn. The two of them left the rest of the council, and with carefully selected blind harpy hosts made their way upwards into Luma’caeceous. These blind hosts were able to survive the bright light of Luma’caeceous not merely because of their lack of eyesight, but also due to having been mentally prepared for it by a lifetime of having no visual aid. After spending quite some time in the endless caverns of light, Nefaswrythen grew tired of the sluggish life that was lead by the creatures that roamed there and again discussed this with Hath’Wrysyn. The two explored the caverns near to the end of their host’s lives before finding somewhere dark enough to suit their needs, a tunnel leading upwards to a musty, wet world of stone and waste. They found themselves in the sewers of some world they didn’t care to explore. They chose now to split, as Nefaswythen preferred to spawn closer to the surface, and Hath’Wrysyn preferred the murky depths where the water was filtered and then flowed to the sea. Nefaswrythen soon took a human host, one of those from the surface, as he considered those of the sewer city of Foedren to be unsuitable for his practices. This one was a blonde female, lost on the streets of the city above. He offered her power, in return for her body being used as a vessel and she accepted, as she had nowhere else to go. His reign over the sewers began with this willing host, while Hath’Wrysyn roamed the lower sewers in apathetic bliss. The people of Foedren were not happy with this new force in their home and wars were waged against him and his spawn. At first they were winning, but soon Nefaswrythen discovered easier ways to gather hosts for his young and the Foedren found themselves warring against more and more human hosts until they placed their city under defence.

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Category Horror

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