Panu Karjalainen

Here I have a collection of some of my older short stories. My newer works are elsewhere; doubtlessly I won't update this page with fresh stories, but I'll try to keep these ones here as examples (warning or otherwise).

To Sate A Thirsting God

This is one of the earlier short stories featuring the twins Geno and Moraya. I can't remember exactly how it began; probably with the image of a cruel god ruling over a bubble in the chaos. Then again, looking back, I find it hard to remember where the story seeds come from. I wouldn't write a character like Olga these days, but the ideas of narrow-minded godlings, grotesque beauties, and inverted images of bodice-ripping still fascinate, as ever.Winter 2006.

Gods of the Wind, Gods of the Mould

This is Geno's story, nothing but. Growing up a malcontent in the Amber Lakes, he became, I fear, even more of a malcontent when he found his other half. I've since relegated the Amber Lakes to Geno's mythic ancestry - though the place has pines and spruces, and is thus worth writing about, too - and toned down on the whole divine descent thing. Still, this story, if any, remains quite Geno.Winter 2007.

The Hunter and the Overworld

There are several things I could say about this story. The first is that it ties with the story of the twins Geno and Moraya - or just the latter, really - though only in a rather vague and nonsensical way. The second is that this story is actually the last in a planned - and I daresay somewhat executed, too! - sequence about Leapcat's adventures. Simple stories, really, they all revolve around Leapcat's various hunting antics; though he's not wholly alien, they can get pretty cold sometimes.The third thing is that this story actually had a prelude somewhere - in my Livejournal, to be precise - where it says how Kirn came across that baby. It isn't saying much, and I fail to remember how successful that story-fragment was, but it's there.Summer 2007.

How I Knew A Fay

Originally published in a school magazine (in English in Finland; I wonder how many got any of it). Very short, something under one thousand words. I was heavily on Pablo Neruda's memoirs at the time, so any scents of Latin America or Spain come from there. Still, I think it owes a lot to the magic realists too. I heart Márquez.Summer 2006

Petrol Dreams

This is the oldest piece in the shelf. I'm not saying it's the worst, but I'm sure it's showing age in some ways. It has a number of things I still love: deserts, wind, a giant mobile land-based fortress, a giant robot. Their implementation may not be all that great, but they're there. Stay clear if you dislike repetition.Autumn 2004.

The Prince of Frailty

This story illustrates perhaps best the twins Geno and Moraya, even though it isn't really their story. Prince Denedd was created out of several moderately interesting character concepts, but hopefully transcends his lowly conception and becomes something more meaningful, at least for a while. The setting is what it is - if it shows excessive fondness of the hues of purple, then that was what I was enamoured with at the time. Or perhaps I just associate it too strongly with the twins. Or maybe Jack Vance.I had some follow-up tales in mind for this story too. As of this writing, they're still in the hatchery. Who knows, maybe some day.Late autumn 2006.

Houndmoon: Ada

Ada, the messenger of the God King, is escaping a city being ravaged by the Wild One horde. Intended to illustrate fairy magic a bit. Occurs years after the other stories in the quartet. A thousand-word stand-alone from something in the works, bits titled 'Houndmoon' share similarities. Summer 2007.

The Capricorn's Plight

A follow-up story on To Sate A Thirsting God. I feel it remains an exercise in imagery, mostly; though it has the twins in it, their presence is only superficial. I still like the graveyard bit and the last bit of the woods, but I may be partial.Late autumn 2006.

August Combat

A strange short piece I put together in a day or two one summer. It's got a fairly realistic bent under all the strange goings-on; besides it has one of my earlier female (?) protagonists, for what that amounts to. I still like her and her pseudo-sword, though this story to date remains the only one of Bluemaid and her world in existence.Late summer 2006.

Houndmoon: Never

Never Has Lived But To Give Voice To Flowers used to be a gardener. Now, as Houndmoon is messed up, Never is majorly pissed. Takes place after 'Immortal Canis' and 'Scornlight', but before Ada meets up with Never. A thousand-word stand-alone from something in the works, bits titled 'Houndmoon' share similarities. Summer 2007.

Dymodean Princess

Unrelated to Dymodean Wanderer, meaning either of these stories work equally well on their own (which doesn't necessarily mean that they work, but that's another matter). 'Dymodea' probably parallels the proverbial Arcadia, though I'm not sure whether the place actually exists or not. The twins claim that there are people who could be said to be 'Dymodeans', but that may be subjective. Then again, what in the world isn't? Winter 2007.

Houndmoon: Immortal Canis

Spirits, such as Iria here, have a fancy spot called 'destiny' in lieu of souls... but that isn't what makes her so cranky... Takes place shortly after the God King builds his sorcerous garden 'Houndmoon' as a defence against the faerie horde; Iria and Canis get press-ganged to join its inhabitants. This, too, is a thousand-word stand-alone from something in the works. Bits titled 'Houndmoon' share similarities. Summer 2007.

Dymodean Wanderer

Another of the earlier shorts with the twins Geno and Moraya. In retrospect, it's a fairly pointless fragment as a story, built as it is on one single image, that of the "Pale Wanderer". Attempts to tie it, however glancingly, to the histories of the characters feels no more than a needless burden now. Still I like it for the weakness it shows in Moraya.Winter 2006.

Houndmoon: Scornlight

Scornlight suffers from albinism, but has a surprisingly good eyesight, as evidenced by his thug-spotting ability. Which isn't his main forte. Chronologically this probably occurs much at the same time as Canis and Iria's meeting. A thousand-word stand-alone from something in the works, bits titled 'Houndmoon' share similarities. Summer 2007.

Acheiller Boundary

A curious short I wrought under inspiration. It pretty much sprang from its title, which was supposed to have a follow-up tale called "Acheiller Parody" that never came to being. As it stands, this story here is actually pretty standard adventure story in terms of its plot, though its story tries to grasp at the ironies of memory and obstinacy. The character of the Hunter (and Taker too, I suppose) I still find interesting, and their world, with its inexplainable spheres, is familiar ground to me now, having echoes in my later writing.Summer 2006.