Karl Ronas

Welcome traveler! Sit down for cooling respite in my hut. Look around you and see for I have tried to build a world within this one. You will see those who make it real and mayhaps you will know a little about them. And perhaps, there is time for a little about me... I am 34 years old and am a Fine Arts degree holder from the University of the Philippines and I currently work as a Software Developer for Headstrong GDC, Manila. I am, however, an amateur artist since I have done no works for any patron for profit. The gallery you see here is a work of love - having immersed myself for many years in various RPG and fantasy novel worlds. It is interesting to note that not all characters here are completely mine for they are bits and pieces of more than a dozen people who have graced my own Empire of Dradmir with their presence, living within each of these characters. (Feb 8, 2007)