Still a Hero

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Tove Karlsson

Sineval looked out over the sea and sighed. He was relived, very relived, as soon as they reached Consaber and delivered the orbs to the magician, he could finally go back to his ordinary life. That life which concisted of fashion, dinners, and partys of the noble. That life he had left nearly a year ago, with Halorian, his bodyguard and only friend. Sineval looked around himself, reminded by the fact that Luca had told them all to be on their guard. The assasin lurking on the ship could strike at any time. Calian and Faradon was standing in the front of the ship, looking down in the blue water. Halorian was there, carefully watching Sinevals every move. Shoni was there too, Sineval sighed as he found that she had thrown of her pretty dress again, and was now running around in the deck in her underwear. 'Henea...' he sighed and shok his head. He kept on staring at the ocean and sky, the southernly wind softly caressed his skin. Sineval sighed again and closed his eyes. Then, a sudden sound caught his attention, the sudden sound of Calians voice: 'Sineval, look out!' Sineval quickly turned around and noticed the big man rushing towards him, armed with two huge knives. Sineval ghasped as the man rasied the knives and jumped through the air. But the cut never came, one second later, a huge thisma was blocking the passage. Taking a cut from each blade. 'Halorian.' One second later the assasin was blown away by a fireball. 'Shoni?' Sineval ran to his daughter and embraced her 'Thank you, darling' He turned around again, suprised by the silence behind him, and found that Halorian was lying on the deck. Moments later, Gialari was there. 'What is it, Gia?' Sineval asked his sister 'Those cuts should be nothing for him' She studied the cuts carefully in silence. Halorian groaned. 'What is it?' Calian asked 'Poison' she replied 'That snake must have put it on the blades' 'Then heal him!' Sineval comanded, nearly hystericly Gialari sighed, her eyes looking straightly into his. She carefully put her hand on his shoulder, the fingers stopped there, somewhere in his red ponytail. 'I cant' 'But you-you are a medicus... you must be able to...' 'Sineval, I CANT! There is no antidote for this, its snakevenom... Im sorry' That night Halorian fell into a sleep he never will wake up from. We miss you Halorian, you are still our hero!

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