Karrie Gill

My name is Karrie, i'm 19 and I live in a rural area of australia, at the moment I am working on our family property which i enjoy quite a bit, plus doing a wool classing course at TAFE. As to the future, i have no idea. possibly a university course, or....meh, no clues :) I really love art and always have, although at the moment i don't often feel motivated or simply don't have the time for it. i'm trying to improve, and if i showed you some of my works from a few years ago, you would agree that i certainly have improved! hehe baaaaad. *shudder* I am also a moderator on elfwood, and love seeing the exciting, imaginative, fantastic and awesome works everybody puts up! YAY for fellow artists!!! leave me a comment, and i promise to return the favor,  i love feedback, and don't mind constructive criticism. cheers ;)