I'm a Role Player who's had an experiance with many games: white-wolf, D&D, Rifts, Dark Consipracy, etc. Which I like to draw the Player characters from, so I'm pretty easy going, like to be silly every now and again and have a bit of a temper. My brother and his friends are convinced I'm a Were-Squirrel. (Would tell you the reasons but it's a pretty long list) I'm also an aspiring writer curently working on my own seris of novels for which many of my pictures are based since I find it much easier to describe a person or scene if I have an image of it before me. I've always had a love for the mythical, Dragons, Fae and other creatures of that sort. Welcome to my gallery, I hope to stuperfy and amaze you! (Pauses, looks back over that, shrugs and goes on)Update April 2009I'm also on Deviant Art now for those pictures that don't quite fit with Elfwood. Come visit me there too! http://sadrlegends.deviantart.com My manga Tides fo the Wind is being uplaoded there so please give me some hints. It's kind of a practice thing for me for the proper one I'm working on with a friend that we're aiming to get published. Currently she is writing the plot and I'm honing my skills as a manga artist. There are also lots more works to do with Vision of Sunset as well as random doodlings.I have published the first three parts of Vision of Sunset on Lulu.com for anyone interested in a good read of fantasy adventure that I base many of my works on. Often I will be halfway through a chapter and the image will be so clear in my mind I will just have to stop and draw it.I have many many many new works to upload however I've noticed there is a slight issue with that with the rebuild so it will have to wait. In the mean time my DA account is much much more active. It has the links to all my other online spots such as Live Journal and my Lulu store. So please, drop by, leave a comment and I'll be happy to return the favour Enjoy and please leave comments and criticisms, after all, how can one improve is no one tells them what they are doing wrong? I like Anime, Roelplaying, Drawing, painting, model making, writing, watching movies and reading. Oh and animals, all kinds but mostly the fluffy ones. collecting Dragon stuff. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Slayers, Firefly, FMA, Bleach, Fruits Basket Favourite books Lord of the Rings (book was better than the movie tho) and the Hobbit, oh and all the Chronicles of Narnia Favourite music Pop, J pop, rock, even some classical