Karu Hernandez

Hi there!!Welcome to my space in Elfwood. I'm 22 years old and live in México City.  I'm a Designer with a degree in Illustration. I like to draw because when I do that, I feel I can create new worlds that could have their own story.  I dont really know what made me to take a pencil for the first time, but I suppose it was because I had too much to express ^^.I like all sort of things: from medieval stuff to neopunk... I'm easily inspired, so BEWARE XD I think I already developed an own style parting from manga, but I dont consider myself a Manga-ka (peolpe who draws manga)If you wanna see more of my art, you can go to my DeviantArt's page, there you can see more than drawings ^^' & is updated more frecuently. Thankee to everybody that comes & leaves such lovely comments, luv ya all ^^b*I'll be posting newer stuff since all my gallery is a little bit old, stay tunned ;)* I like Drawing, reading, metal music, gothic music, middle age, the dark & light eternal fighting, some manga, Japan!! Favourite movies FF7: AC, Stardust, Lord of the ring, The first HP movie, Xena (she rocks!), What dreams may come (I really love this one... makes me cry) Favourite books All Terry Prattchet's, all HP, all Tolkien's, All Narnia's, & some other whose titles dont remember XD Favourite music Kamelot, Tristania, Tetriconia, Epica, Enya, Sonata Arctica, Leave's Eyes, Eyes of Shiva,30 Seconds to mars, Xandria, Gypsy music & New Age XD