OMG it has been so long since I have been here, for those who know me I have had a major clean out of all my old and crappy stuff. I have left in a few of my better old ones so you can see how far I have come reciently.  I still love anything fantasy .I love to write and draw etc because creativity is a large part of who I am. I am still writing a fantasy novel which I hope to get published and what was originally going to be a trillogy has now become a series of about 6 or 7. Thankfully I have finished book 1 and am now on book 2. If anyone know of any publishing houses I could try or of a realy good proof reader please let me know. My email is djrockape@bigpond.com and I am now also on DA under the name coley77.  http://coley77.deviantart.com/ I will try to upload more when I have done pic's that I think are good enough. Hope you like my little corner of elfwood.