Last Updated: 10.03.01 | This artist fully supports the ERB I'm 25,currently live in Central Ontaro, Canada, with never enough time on my hands and never a big enough or fast enough computer. I like to draw the little fancies my imagination comes up with sometimes, especially scrollwork or buildings, dragons, fairies, or magicians. People and animals are not my strong point unfortunately, cuz that's what Id really like to draw. Practice makes perfect.. =^._.^= If I could be anything in the world.. I'd be responsible.. and my favorite color is emerald green...I am also an avid RPG and RPG art fan, and ONE day will be able to draw my characters like I see them in my mind.. Im an Executive Director at the Amethyst Alliance, an online RPG guild and thats where I *really* enjoy my work.. much more than my 'real' job! :) Update Info:I've finally gotten around to putting up my Wyvern shelf. Please visit. Also doing work at the Amethyst Alliance, & the RPG Consortium, in developing a pro-RPG & copyright movement, as well as helping out at the Tazlure game boards.