Hi there! You want to know something about me, huh? Well, I'm crazy, I'm hopelessly addicted to coffee, I'm a christian, I'm in high school, and...well, I guess that's about it. Look around, comment, and have fun! This stuff is all copyright to me...steal any of it and feel my wrath! Now go look at everything and leave comments!! ^_^ And now for the links.... A few other people in the 'woods you might want to check out: Rebecca Kay Swanson Christiaan A. Iken Krystal D. Tyler Alon Rand Rachael Jean Evans(If you go here, be sure to check out her 'Surprised Little Elf' pic...it's really cute!) BIG UPDATE 9/10/04! I put up a bunch of new pictures and I resized a lot of the really big stuff that was a pain to try to look at. I like comments...I WILL reply to all of them at some time or another...and if you're an artist I'll try to get to your page. SO LEAVE COMMENTS! Thank you, have a nice day.:)By the way, I have a bunch of songs, poems, and a couple of short stories up online now too. Some of the longer works can be found in my Wyverns account here. But for now, everything else is here (same link as my homepage).