Katarina Olson

Whoa, hey there. What're you doing here? Man, when I joined Elfwood, I didn't think anyone would actually COME to my gallery! Darn it, now I have to actually tell you about myself! Alright, alright then. As you can see, I'm Katarina. People call me Katie. Call me what you like other than late for dinner! Yes, I do realize that that was a lame joke, but hey. You're the one who decided to come here. I enjoy dabbling in the japanese media, such as anime and manga, and as such also love drawing a few different styles myself. I also like american comics, such as Spider-Man and X-Men. My other interests include video games and chatting online with various people, mostly to role-play because I can't actually play any tabletop rpg's like D&D mostly because those books are too expensive... My influences include, naturally, japanese comics. I'm a fan of Yu Watase's artwork and Hayao Miyazaki's movies. I'm also a fan of Jhonen Vasqeuz and John Romita, Jr. Sooo... there is my little bio. Please be nice to me lest I send demon badgers to do spooky things to your head while you sleep.