Greetings people of the world and welcome to my gallery.   I'm female, and British,  I also have a page over on Deviantart; javascript:void(0);/*1372799088132*/  i have more stuff there  than i do here. if you want to look there. I like sci fi -of course, birds, esp crows, ravens, drawing, reading, model making, growing carnivourous plants Favourite movies star trek, stargate, star wars, the lord of the rings, the crow, dragonheart, chronicles of Narnia. Blade. , supernatural, 30 days of night, Alien, twilight, Avatar Favourite books various star trek books-of which i have a huge collection-that i'm now running out of space to put them. Favourite music anything from anyone that sounds good, except rap; i can't stand it. In my opinion its not music, it's just noise.