Katherine Burt

I'm an animal science major at Fresno State in the pre-veterinary program. Eventually, I hope to end up at UC Davis, but we shall see what we shall see. I've been writing for a long time, and have resigned to let my characters say what they feel they need to- and trust me, if I didn't, they'd get very vocal about it. Starting August 2004, if a writer on Elfwood puts a comment on my stories, I will reply in kind. If you don't see anything in two weeks, e-mail me, because sometimes I overlook new comments on accident *blush*. 6/28/06:  Still working three jobs and trying to overcome that 60 hour work week thing.  I've got three new sections of the Amazon story on it (only one more section of Meet the Amazons to go, then it's on to the second part).  Hopefully, the summer will allow me to catch up on some of my work. 

Meet the Amazons, IX

Is anyone else impressed with Diana? If you're not yet... You will be. She's my kind of princess. But wait, there's more...

Just Right

Based on a friend and a saint (not the same person). A mod's choice before the crash, so I thought it was worth reloading. If you didn't read it before, then the game is to figure out all the saint references in the piece. The commenters before did a pretty good job. Rewrite 6/27/05.

Meet the Amazons, VI

Awwww, the story slows down and we have a nice moment between Shannon and Rose- don't worry. We'll be back to doing piratey things next chapter!

Kava 1: Well Met

Originally, this was just going to be a short story. But it refused to stop... Now it's become a five or six part monstrosity that I enjoy. A little more stereotypical in its feel than most of my work, but with my own edge. In other words, you'll probably know the end halfway through the story, but hopefully you'll sill have fun getting to said end.

Meet the Amazons, X

Meet the Amazons is coming to a close, with just one more chapter after this. Never fear, another story with the Amazons will be hot on its heels. Hopefully. Here we have a heroic captain, a bunch of damsels in distress, and much more to contend with.

Meet the Amazons, IV

Yeah, well, I like these characters- even if they're not my most popular stories. This one's a little rough- I need to flesh it out some more but I couldn't find the inspiration. Suggestions would be appreciated.


Do not forget that we owe the earth- not the other way around.

Silver Night

Sharon Black and I are doing a trade in which she has to use one of my characters posted here on Elfwood in a story, and I have to do likewise. This is my story for her character- the girl has no name, but the story is called 'Not Worth It', and it is on her Elfwood site (the link should be on my main page). If you don't want to read it first, you should know that Silver is a werewolf who was abused as a child.

Happily Ever After

I wrote this for the Elfwood magazine about a year ago, and I decided to go ahead and put it up here since said magazine is no longer about. A new vision on the fairy tale 'Cinderella.'

Meet the Amazons, VIII

The Amazons are back, and they find their journey's end. I don't know about you, but I'd be glad to get off the ship.

Meet the Amazons, VII

Back to the action! See my main page for my pitiful explanation as to why it was not put up before now. So the Amazons are back up to no good.


Danny gets a surprise when he follows a girl from a rennaissance fair...

Seeking Vengeance

Sometimes we think we want something until we get it... 1/5/04- Reposted and corrected. Any better?

An Enchanted Kiss

I never realized how close this was to 'Natural' until I was ready to post it. Still... I like the fairy tale feel of it. Reposted with some corrections 6/27/05- thanks to all who commented on the old one!

Meet the Amazons, V

The chapter lost to the crash of Elfwood. A little longer than some of the others, but worth the read. It also helps explain a little bit of Rose's past.

Kava 2: Pairing Up

The second part of the story- just a refresher, we left our hero having stolen a horse from an apparently noble girl, making her walk in an effort to leave her behind...

Meet the Amazons, III

Okay, the others haven't got a lot of comments, but I still felt like putting up this one- by the way, Sharon Black wrote the prologue to the whole friendship between Kanlira and Rose- her page's address is on my main page. If you want to know how they met, check it out.

Meet the Amazons, II

I said that if the other one got enough comments, I'd post another, so here it is. Just for clarification- Kanlira is of a mage race, she was abandoned on an island for choices yet to be revealed, and Rose helped free her, in exchange for a gaes put on her requiring her to help any female in dire need. Don't worry, if this one gets enough comments, I'll post another and more will be explained.

Kava 3: Getting Closer

Third installment: So Kava and Lar are travelling together, trying to save a princess. Rather a lengthy section, but I think it's worth it.

Meet the Amazons

This is more like my best friend and myself than I care to admit. Originally it was part of a much longer story, so not everything is explained here. If this one gets enough good responses, I'll post another.

The Creator and The Savior

My own perspective on Heaven- one of the stories I am proudest of.