Catherine van Mark

HELLO again and WELCOME to my little Gallery at Elfwood! As you are here, please make youself at home, have a beer, sit down on your chair and take a look around. Gosh, I am 21 years old now - but not any wiser than before. Fortunately, I have been studying enough to pass my exam session in June, so that I had time to draw some new pictures during the last two weeks. As you might have noticed, there is some new Harry Potter stuff here (Sirius! *dops*). I must admit that my 'Sirius-Black-Veneration-Syndrom' has come back since I have seen the third movie. I thought that Gary Oldman was just perfect! Well, enough of this. There is one think I want to point out: As copied artwork is not welcome on Elfwood, I had to post some of my pictures somewhere else. *EYES some people here* - By the way, I still have difficulties to understand the mod's refusal to accept copied art (unterstand me right: When I say 'copied', I mean 'inspired by an existing movie shot or photogrpah'), and I really begin to ask myself what this 'Fanart' section is made for... Some people use to say that copying a picture is not a creative act and does not lead anywhere. This was a real dilmenda to me and so I aksed John Howe on his forum about this. Now guess what he answered: Copying is a VERY GOOD way to practise, yes, my precouissss! This message goes out to all adepts of realism-copying-style out here: Your pictures are NOT less good than other people's work! DRAW ON!! Ehm *cough* *cough*, well, back to topic: If you want to see more pictures (Mostly portraits of 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Harry Potter' characters), please go to this site there *Points at the 'Own Gallery' link* and enjoy. It doesn't matter if you don't know german - as long as you can see the pictures :-) All the Best from ~ Kate ~ P.S: Please don't beat me because of my terrible English - my translator does not work anymore :-(