Greetings and Welcome to my treehouse here on Elfwood. Added Are, "Innovindil", "Phoenix Design", "Lady of the Lake Redone", and "Tolkien Elf." Look around, be kind and dream my friends, dream...for to cease to dream is to die inside. May the Creative Spirit Find All Of you Well.. Robert Jamerson, my husband and best friend. Natalie Paquette, a great friend and wonderful person. Friederike Grosch, Who has been my friend since I first came to Elfwood and has always supported me :) Rachel 'Thalion' Lawton, a funny, kind and interesting person to talk to. Christian Pouliot, an excellent Photoshop and user of vivid colors, and a kind heart.   Margot Bongers,Go see Margot. She has improved in skill and she is a good friend of mine :)