Kathleen Hardy

I am a primarily self-taught artist. I began drawing when I was about 8 and have drawn ever since. Several years ago I started oil painting, and have finally been creating some decent work. I also create computer art, do pen and ink drawings, and sculpture too. I recently began doing colored pencil work again after a long hiatus, and I'm very pleased with with the results. I love fantasy work because it allows me to visit worlds that could be, and stretch my imagination. In my own work, I try to encourage the viewer to imagine what is going on in the picture. My goal is to get people to use their imagination. *Just as a warning to those who enter here, some images do contain mild nudity, so browse at your own risk!* I'm working on a web gallery of my own, but in the meantime, browse here at Elfwood, and over at CafePress. Several images have shops dedicated to that work. Go here! I also have a new online store at Etsy: kathardyfantasy.etsy.com Signed, limited edition prints are available of most of these works, (they show up at various fantasy/sci-fi cons around the country) or send me an email and I can ship directly to you. Feel free to drop me an e-mail with any questions, and happy browsing! I like I enjoy all sorts of art, any medium, any kind of craft, and I like watching other artisans work. I like to read, and I vacillate between lighter fantasy fare, and deeper more complex brain-bending fantasy. I like theatre, and my secret desire is to get into set design. Favourite movies Lord of the Rings is exquisite, and a true cinematic feat! And Lost is exactly the kind of brain-bending stuff I'm talking about. Favourite books I like many books by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Mercedes Lackey and Gene Wolfe Favourite music Alt rock and world music-- the band that combines both: Janah