Katharine Abbruzzese

'Allo, poppet! I'm Kate--bonny Kate, and sometimes Kate the Curst, but Kate, the prettiest Kate in all of Christiandom! I am the Shrew, but a nice Shrew (for the most part). I am a little bit of a sad Shrew acos I have nuffink with which to color in pikchers on the computer. Sadness. Besides doodling an' sketching, I love to read, write, sing, act, and generally make a fool of m'self. I like music from the 60s, people from the 60s, and clothing from the 60s. I am a vintage sort of chick. So. Thanks very much for visiting my gallery! ^_^ 'Twas kind of you to drop in. Please feel free to comment--I appreciate constructive crits veddy much! Just remember that if yer gonna crit, be specific--I like to know exactly what I did wrong so that I can make an attept to fix it. Okies, so venture fourth, deario! And have a cookie! **Hands you a cookie**