Kathleen Kinard

Hello there, welcome to my tiny little thatch hut in these ever growing woods! Come in, wipe your feet, have a spot of tea!!! I have a lot to show you, some of it good, some of it bad- all of it my constant endeavors to put the little people having parties in my head onto paper... maybe then I can get some sleep *wink* I have doodled since I was small, but not as prolifically as i do now- for some reason, when I lost the ability to write, my artistic abilities became more enhanced... I suppose its like losing a sense- the others work harder to make up for it! Alphonse Mucha, Brian Froud, and Maxfield Parrish are my key inspirations- but all of you out there in the Woods are huge inspirations as well, and I thank you all for inspiring me! Have fun, look around, leave lots of comments and criticism- I need all the help I can get! Zhai'Helleva! (btw- updated my picture- my boyfriend said the sketch didnt look like me...)