Yo all! I am Kate (Belle, or Keito). I draw. Nuff said. Please I beg you to give constructive critisism. Even if I don't pay attention to it it's nice to know what people honestly think of my stuff. But be nice about it...I'm fragile. *sniff* Keito-chan Dec 21/03 May 30/04: WOO UPDATES!!! I decided that yall are thru lookin at all this old stuff that I did over the past three years and so I put up some more resent stuff. My style has changed a bit and its a lot better I say! (Note: Sometimes I will mix other artist styles into my own as experimentation. So if you see something that looks a bit different from the rest its ok. I DIDN'T STEAL IT!)Enjoy! June 04/04: MORE UPDATES!! Added 'Lotsa Crusade', 'Crusade Scetch', '*Glomp*', 'Jon Scetch', and 'To Emily'!!!!! Go me! *does super happy break dance* August 21/04: Updated 'I Am', 'Skaterdude Kazu', 'Random Bunny Person(?)', 'Ma Widdle Angst Muffin', 'Rei Scetch', 'Tavish', and 'Miaow! =3'. Oh, the busyness. I'm also currently writing a fanfic, so I'm REAL BUSY BEE!! *sweatdrop*