Katharine Hein

Hello! *holds out hand* Kit or Xalan as I'm known to people around the web, and I draw! Uh..yeah. Duh. Fan art was what really got me strart in drawling when I saw Diseny's Mighty Ducks:TAS, about two years ago. I've been trying my hand at the anime style for about two years now, and hoo boy, you never want to see my first attempts! *sweatdrop* I love anime, ranging from Metropolis, to gundum Wing to slayers. ;) News: holy cow....over a year since i've updated...*smacks* Bad me! anyways, a ton of new art, and if you want to see more fanart, go to my side7 galler, or my homepage, thankies for all of the wonderful comments, I love them! *hugs* Commissions/Reguest/pic trades I take request all the time, and love doing trades:) I don't do paid commisons as I don't belive I'm anywhere near good enouph to charge for my peithtic little scribbles. *sighs* So, just ask away! have fun and leave me comments! Comments gooddddddd! Places to go! Robin Lawerance My best friend in the world's gallery! She's got some AWESOME art, you've got to see it!:) Michelle Latta Known as Calista to those in the duck fandoom, she has FABO art! *Drools all over* A must see! Tania Walker Her art is like, wow. I mean, WOW. Should see her garg and anime pics! Suzy Calflin ANIME! Must see!! Samantha F. Yay, another duck fan, also has so great pics!!! Kaytheen Luim VERY cool art, a tailspin fan I think, anyways, love some of her art!! Amiee Major *Falls over* Now this is art! A MUST see!!!!! Brianna Dahlin A VERY cool person who's art is...*WOW* her sense of color is just cool! GO! GOGOGOGOGO!!!!! *pushs*br> Just so you know.....I'm a FBI agent who's under cover, and now that you know, I'm gonna have to track you down and feed you to the All Mighty Hampster. Did I lie again?