Ramona Bogott

I started writing and drawing when I was child and have never stopped.  I work as a nurse instructor in St. Petersburg, Russia. Have seen the worst and best in humanity - refugee camps on city dumps, friends putting their own lives in danger to save a stranger.  Life inspires me!I love the beauty and excitement of exploring worlds and immages never seen before except for in the minds of others. Amazing!!!  It's a touch of the Creator in all of us.  Reading other stories, seeing the beautiful art of others inspires me to place my hand to paper, or computer, turn on the music, and create.  It doesn't get better than that!Update July 2006: Many of you will see multiple medias and styles of art in my gallery. Since joining Elfwood, I have broadened my horizon's and skills trying many new ways of drawing, painting, and displaying art in general. So many artists have been an inspiration for me to try out new styles, and stretch my skills.  Thank you - all of you!