OLD FRIENDS A dragon ran through the dense forest, long branches tearing at his scales. A blue lion ran next to him, shining mane trailing behind his head. They ran and ran, but still heard footsteps behind them. The blue lion looked over his shoulder to see the human chasing after them."Chazir! We...Can't...run...much...farther," Shouted the blue lion. The dragon stopped and whipped around, nostrils flaring with smoke. The human stopped and hurdled a spear at Chazir. The dragon stepped to the side as the spear whizzed past him.He turned and looked at the blue lion. "Run, Levyx! I'll catch up with you later! GO!" He shouted as Levyx started to protest. Levyx turned around and ran, his mane trailing behind him...PART TWO:Levyx heard the screech. And he knew it had been Chazir. He whipped around and ran back through the shrubs. He came to a stop as he ran into the man. Levyx snarled and sliced out with huge claws. The man fell to the ground, clutching his bleeding chest, and Levyx put his paw to the man's neck. "You hurt my friend...Die human!!!" he yelled as he killed the man, slicing his head clean off."Levyx....The man...." stared Chazir as Levyx came close. "The man is dead, my friend," said Levyx, blue fur matted with man's blood. Chazir weakly lifted his head, a small, blue crystal neckalce hanging from his jaws. He felt pain stab through him, but he continued until he was eye-level with the blue lion, his dear friend. "Take this.....And remember me...." he said, then allowd his head to fall and darkness overtake him, body and soul.Today, Levyx is constantly seen at Chazir's grave, a crystal necklace hanging from his jaws...   Written by: KatsunePicture and Inspiration by: Astrid Lian amd her picture "Old Friends I like I love running thru the forest with the wind rushing thru my fur!!! Favourite movies Wolf's Rain....I like Toboe!!!

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