Kat Friesen

I like erhh.. well, i do read and draw a lot.. sing to loud music as i drive. diseased with insomnia. bad with time management. eats oatmeal every day. owns fake glasses. doesn't have a cootie shot. and is afraid of the boogey monsters in her basement. Favourite movies jurassic park. how to train your dragon. clash of the titans (before i learned of its inaccuracies!!). robo cop. x-men. hard days night. Favourite books the eragon series. the mortal instruments trilogy..ish. the forest of hands and teeth. hush hush. graceling. the maze runner. the lightning thief. the hunger games. incarceron. maximum ride. leviathan. i am number 4. gone. shiver trilogy. across the universe. pathfinder. the adoration of jenna fox. matched. delirium. numb3rs. Favourite music mothermother.thebeatles.boston.jackjohnson.hawksleyworkman.thedoors.theeagles.lynardskynard.reelbigfish. theweepies.donovanfrankenriter.azureray.bluerodeo.joelplaskett.