Katusha Maree

I love the fantasy genre.  I have ever since reading "Silver on the tree" as a child and it all just snowballed from there .  I have spent many a solitary hour hunched over a paperback novel, devouring its pages with eagerness and from that my own desire to write something intriguing has grown.  Hopefully by publishing these stories I will be able to get some feedback and yes, even criticism on my writting which will help me improve.  Im not afraid of constructive criticism, and any little comment would be appreciated.  Favourite books The Raymond E. Feist Magician Saga will always be one of my all time favourites and George RR Martins novels keep me continually surprised.

Part 1 - Phoenix From The Flames

A women wakes up in a unfamiliar room surrounded by flames with no memory of how she arrived there.  This first chapter introduces our 'Phoenix' as she enters this new world.This first part may be confusing, Phoenix awakens with no memory and no clue, and unfortunately to give away more than she knows would give away too many clues to the story.  I am not wandering blindly however, more to be explained in coming stories as Phoenix begins to piece together her mystery.Leave a comment if you enjoy this and want to read more.  Or even if you don't let me know why?  I always welcome criticism.