My name is Katya, and I love to draw and write, mostly about horses/equines and other wee (or not so wee) beasties. I ride/train a pony mare named Magic and an Arabian named Elasha (jumping and endurance, respectively) usually work in oil pastel, acrylic, or watercolor, with a few other mediums thrown in. I'm a fresh(wo)man in High School. My goals at Elfwood are to improve at drawing, painting, etc, and to try for a mod's choice, though that last one probably won't come true.... waah I am currently writing several stories, and so some of the pictures you see are illustrating those stories. So far, all the work up is from 7th or 8th grade. By the way, one of my strongest ideals is that women should be in every way mens' equals. And please, don't flame me about how men are either 'biologically stronger' or have 'god-given superiority', or anything like that. You have the right to express your opinions, but it is kinda annoying.....and I have the right to express my ideas too(though the US gov. is slowly whittling away at our rights, so who knows how long that'll last...). Oh yeah, in case you couldn't tell (hehe), I'm not exactly the most partriotic person either. And I believe war is an unneccesary, cruel thing, and that the media and fashions are getting rid of individuality. And that we are killing the environment, and that people who care about animals should stop and think about how the animals in slaughterhouses are treated. And-- well, you get the idea..... Hmm, what other stuff do I feel like rambling about.....? Oh yeah, I like listening to London After Midnight, the Cure, System of a Down, Cavalia, Pink Floyd, a lot of 'gothic' stuff PotO, random other stuff..... I love horses..... bla bla bla, nobody cares probably....... Anyway, enjoy (hopefully), and remember that construcive critisism is gooood