Kathryn Ears' Winegard

Vedu'il'er!Name is above. I'm a 16 year old gurl with (now)dark brown hair(who knows what color it will be in a month!),green eyes who dwells in Illinois, USA! I love to read, sing and draw.I love, LOTR, PoTC, HP, Naruto, Bleach(graphic novels), Yu Yu Hakusho, Beet, Inuyasha, and a ton more things. I could list all the movies, animes, books, and mangas I like, but it'd take a ton of space. ^.^ Oh, and btw, I'm in permanent denial that Sirius is dead. Even if he doesn't come back in future books. He's not gone. Also, there's something I'd like to clarify right now. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN STYLE OF DRAWING AND ART. I'VE BEEN GETTING CRAP ABOUT MY CHIBI'S. THEY ARE MY STYLE, AND SINCE THEY ARE SUPER-DEFORMED, WHICH CHIBI IS DEFINED AS, THEY ARE CONSIDERED CHIBIS. MAYBE THEY AREN'T DRAWN LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE DRAWS CHIBIS, BUT THEY ARE MY STYLE OF CHIBIS. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THAT I AM DRAWING THEM WRONG OR THAT MY CHIBI PROPORTIONS NEED WORK. THEY ARE SUPER DEFORMED--MY CHIBI STYLE. K. That was my gripe session. If I keep getting crap from non-artists about them, I'll have to block comments from everyone but artists, which I don't want to do, but will if it continues. Yes, I do take requests and anyone may use my pics for private use on their site, comp, etc. with my permission,and they give me credit for my work. I don't want to have to put C KAT WINEGARD on the center of my pics bcuz I see too much use of my pics that i didn't give permission to use. lol! Hannon lle!