Katz Weaver

Hi. I am Katz. I'm 14 and I live in Missouri, U.S.A. I've loved art since before I can remeber. Fantasy, anime, and animal art are my favorite! I love dark colors and I'm more of a gothic type. I'm very hyper and annoying at times. My favorite colors black. My most favorite animals are any kind of Big Cat! I also like dogs and wolfs. My favorite fantasy creatures are Psychic Cat Demons. I always like trying new mediums and I like to art trade! Hehe... I'm very odd... Did I say that already???.... I LOVE anime too! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm just cwazy! Hehe. I have one dog, 2 cats, and one bunny... Or what ever other creature I find on the way home. ^_^ Well enjoy my art and PLEASE write comments about anything that looks incorrect I always try to inprove and Knowing what looks wrong is a great start. =3 Email me At katseymoon@juno.com if you have any questions. I'm also willing to talk on AIM